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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Where does the Seaworld Explorer depart from? 
  • A: The pier is located on the premises of the Hilton Hotel at Piscadera Bay. Once at the Hilton Hotel, you will have to pass security and head straight to the lobby of the hotel. Walk through the lobby and continue to walk to the beach. Stay on the path to the right  of the beach and follow it until you get to the pier where the Seaworld Explorer should be docked. If the Seaworld Explorer is not docked, just wait until she arrives. One the semi-submarine is there you can head straight for the vessel and proceed with check in.
  • Q: I am claustrophobic; should I go on the semi-submarine tour?
  • A: Yes, the Seaworld Explorer does not fully submerge and you can go on deck at any time during the tour. 
  • Q: Is the semi-submarine tour safe?
  • A: Atlantis Curacao was established in October 1993 and has had no major incidents. In fact in all the islands Atlantis operates there have been no serious incidents. We are annually certified by the Dutch shipping inspector and our safety audits and stringent requirements for insurance purposes are a check and balance as we report conformance to all standards to our head office and insurers.
  • Q: Is there an age restriction?
  • A: No, the Seaworld Explorer is for all ages.
  • Q: Do you provide a shuttle service?
  • A: Not for individual bookings, but we can provide a transfer for groups.
  • Q: I am pregnant; will I be able to go on the semi-submarine?
  • A: Congratulations. If you are comfortable walking and climbing stairs you should have no problem. It would just depend on your tolerance to the motion on the water.
  • Q: Can a wheel chair guest or differently abled guest go on the submarine?
  • A: Yes but it depends on the mobility of the individual as guests need to board and descend 5 steps on their own into the vessel.  Visually and hearing impaired guests are welcomed.
  • Q: How do I get to the Atlantis Office?
  • A: Our office is located in the Riffort Village number 507 on the second floor. Riffort Village is located at the entrance of the St. Anna harbor and next to the Renaissance Hotel. From this office we organize our tours and also payments can be made at this location.